We're different, and we like it that way.

William & Mary is unlike any university in America.

We’re the second oldest college in the nation and a cutting-edge research university. We’re a "Public Ivy" — one of only eight in the nation— offering a world-class education at an exceptional value.

Our students are not only some of the smartest in the world, but passionate about serving others and serious about having fun. Our professors are teachers, scholars and research mentors; they are the cornerstone of a thriving intellectual community that produces experienced, engaged and successful graduates.

But that’s just the beginning.

A One-of-a-Kind Education

A W&M undergraduate education is rooted in the Arts & Sciences. Our general education curriculum extends across four years and encourages you to explore the range of human knowledge, connecting and integrating what you learn across departments. You can go from neuroscience to Elizabethan poetry to computer programming, learning how to gather information from disparate sources, how to analyze it logically and creatively and how to communicate your ideas effectively.

When it’s time to declare a major, you can choose from programs in Arts & Sciences, majors in the School of Business and a secondary major in the School of Education, or you can design your own major. Some of our interdisciplinary majors—like Global Studies and Environmental Science & Policy—were inspired by student interest and demand.

But the hallmark of a W&M education—no matter your major or minor—is the high level of student engagement that often translates into independent or faculty-mentored student research projects.

Additional Information


How to Apply

Tell us your story. We want to learn more about who you were, who you are and who you hope to become as a student at William & Mary. Numbers will inevitably be part of your story, but we’re also interested in your ambition, your drive and your hidden talents.

William & Mary practices a holistic review process; decisions are not based on any single aspect of your application. Rather, we review your essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular involvements, and yes, those numbers like GPAs and standardized test scores. Each application is read at least twice, including once by your regional dean. At the end of this process, our goal is to bring together a community of diverse, dynamic and academically engaged individuals set on making a difference.

Freshmen Deadlines and Decision Dates

Early Decision I and II

Early Decision is a binding decision process appropriate for students who have identified William & Mary as their first choice and are prepared to make a binding commitment to enroll if admitted.  For Early Decision I apply by November 1, and your decision will arrive in early December. For Early Decision II apply by January 1, and your decision will arrive in early February.

Regular Decision

Apply by January 1, and your decision will arrive in early April. 

Financial Aid

As a public university, William & Mary works hard to keep the cost of our exceptional education affordable, committing our resources first, and foremost, to need-based aid. Through a combination of financial aid options - including grants, loans and Federal Work-Study- the Financial Aid Office will use all available aid sources to help meet as much of your need as possible. 

We typically meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for in-state students. The William & Mary Promise, implemented in 2013, has given us the chance to reduce loans and increase grants for entering Virginians.  Qualifying out-of-state students may receive up to 25% of their full cost of attendance in grant aid.

Applicants must complete the FAFSA (code number 003705) in order to be eligible for federal financial aid and the CSS Profile (code number 5115) in order to receive any additional financial aid.