Early Decision
    Application Deadline: November 15 
    Admission Decision by: December 15
    Student Reply Date: January 4

    Regular Decision
    Application Deadline: January 10
    Admission Decision by: April 1
    Student Reply Date: May 1

    Application Deadline: March 1
    Admission Decision by: April 15 
    Student Reply Date: June 1

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It’s difficult to quantify the world of individuals who bring their intelligence, talents, perspectives and aspirations to Williams. Students here are anything but numbers. But as you consider Williams it may be helpful to know more about who we are and where we come from. What follows, then, are a few facts and stats about who and what defines this wonderful community.

  • 1/2 of all students receive financial aid
  • 53% Female, 47% Male
  • 46% American students of color
  • 9% International students
  • 14% First-Generation students
  • Students come from 49 states and 97 countries represented
  • 88% four-year graduation rate
  • 7:1 student to faculty ratio. 
  • 65 Areas of Study, including 35 Majors and 14 Concentrations  
  • 40% of Williams students get their first job with help from alumni


In addition to all the things that make liberal arts colleges the global gold standard—small classes, attentive faculty, close-knit community—Williams offers unique opportunities like our renowned tutorial and research programs. Choose among 65 areas of study across the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Your intellectual journey will be guided by accomplished scientists and scholars whose own work often transcends traditional academic boundaries.

A Williams tutorial is your own personalized academic adventure: just two students and a professor meeting every week to read, research, analyze, debate and write at a level more common in graduate schools. Choose from among more than 65 topics across the curriculum, and you'll be guided and coaxed to reach for your most ambitious academic goals.

A greater share of students conduct original research in the sciences, arts and humanities at Williams than at almost any comparable school. That's because our faculty are deeply committed to mentoring student researchers, and Williams backs them with the means and funding to support you.


Because Williams has one of the most generous financial aid programs in the country, you can afford to make the right choice for your education without taking on a big financial burden. Williams meets 100 percent of demonstrated need, with few or no loans. And we’re the only college in the country that guarantees free textbooks and course materials to all students receiving financial aid. College should be affordable, and applying for aid should be easy: contact us with financial aid questions at any time.


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