A Liberal Arts College for Women

Wellesley College is a transformative force in the lives of women around the globe. Ranked among the top U.S. liberal arts colleges, Wellesley has a long-time tradition of educating women who make a difference in the world; every resource of the College is devoted to undergraduate students. Living and learning on a campus full of self-directed, intellectually curious students helps develop skills needed to succeed in all professional fields, including those traditionally dominated by men. Women choose Wellesley because it offers one of the best liberal arts learning environments. They graduate uniquely prepared to make meaningful personal and professional contributions to the “real world” and to be major leaders in it.

Wellesley’s community is a remarkable blend of treasured tradition and contemporary creativity; 2,375 students enjoy the best of both worlds here: first-rate instruction in a breathtaking setting. Student life unfolds on a beautiful 500 acre campus just 12 miles from Boston. With convenient access to Boston and Cambridge and historic partnerships with other colleges and universities, Wellesley students experience a world-class education in a global, diverse, and exciting setting.Wellesley values diversity, and multiculturalism is a way of life. The community draws students from over 80countries and all 50 states; over 50% identify as students of color; 13% are international; and over 15% are first-generation college students.  Learn more about the Wellesley community

Academic Programs

Wellesley’s 56+ majors span the entire spectrum of liberal arts and sciences with 1,000+ courses to take. More than 50% of students study abroad. Wellesley courses develop critical thinking, an appreciation of varied approaches, and the power to communicate effectively. Classes are small, and all are taught by Wellesley professors, who encompass everything from “the teacher who opened my mind” and “the person who wrote the recommendation that blew away the scholarship committee” to “the world-renowned neuroscientist who always seems to have time to talk about my plans” and “the person who showed me what it means to love, really love, what you do.”  www.wellesley.edu/academics

Residential Life

Our 500-acre campus is considered one of the most beautiful in North America. 97% of Wellesley students live in college residence halls, making them a vital part of Wellesley’s learning environment. Residence halls vary in size; they house students from all four class years in a combination of double, triple, and single rooms, as well as suites. The Office of Residential Life fosters inclusive learning communities where each member contributes her own unique history, culture, perspective, talents, and creativity, and where each member appreciates the contributions of other community members. The residence hall system fosters a sense of community through student self-government and program planning from movie night and sushi rolling to cultural celebrations and guest speakers.

Extracurricular Pursuits

Wellesley offers 180+ student organizations—including 40 multicultural organizations, hundreds of on- and off-campus service opportunities, 13 Division III varsity sports (including our National Champion crew team!); and club sports from archery to rugby to water polo.

Extraordinary alumnae network

Wellesley is home to the most powerful women's network in the world. It’s global, it’s interconnected, and it’s, frankly, awe-inspiring. It’s tens of thousands of women who graduated from Wellesley and want to support the next generation of Wellesley women. You’ll see these women on campus. You’ll call them when you need an internship in Senegal or a place to stay in Seattle. You’ll ask them for advice or inspiration or a meal. And they’ll deliver.

Among Wellesley’s noted alumnae are former U.S. Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton (also presidential nominee) and Madeleine Albright; Chinese writer Bing Xin; Korean diplomat In-ho Lee; MacArthur Fellowship (genius grant) Nergis Mavalvala; NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy; journalist Diane Sawyer; writer/screenwriter Nora Ephron; executive director of Partners in Health Ophelia Dahl; architect and social justice advocate Liz Ogbu; Zipcar founder Robin Chase; ambassador to Croatia Julieta Valls Noyes; and many others. www.wellesley.edu/alumnae/alumnaeinthenews

Admission Website: www.wellesley.edu/admission

Deadline Information
  • Early Decision I (binding): November 1
  • Early Decision II (binding): January 1
  • Regular Decision: January 8 
Required Application Materials

Wellesley will accept any one of the applications listed below, without preference for one over the other. 

  • The Coalition with Wellesley-Specific Questions 
  • The Common Application with Wellesley-Specific Questions 
  • The QuestBridge National College Match Application

Students must also submit the following materials*:

*Please note that for fall 2022 entry, Wellesley College is test optional.

  • Application Essay

  • Required Wellesley-Specific Writing Supplement

  • Two Teacher Evaluations

  • Secondary School Report Form

  • Transcripts with Recent Grades

  • Midyear Report

Note: If English is not your native language and you have been studying in an English-based curriculum for fewer than five years, we strongly recommend that you take one of the following English proficiency tests: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), Duolingo English Test, IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Cambridge Assessment English, Qualifications (C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, or C1 Business Higher accepted), InitialView, GTEC CBT (Global Test of English Communication Computer Based Testing).       www.wellesley.edu/admission/apply

Financial Aid

Wellesley doesn't consider your financial situation when we consider your application. We admit terrific people, and then we make sure Wellesley is possible for them. We admit terrific people, and then we make sure Wellesley is possible for them. We charge a specific amount for tuition, room, and board. Yet most of our students pay far less than that amount. Our students pay only what they can afford—nothing more.

  • Wellesley meets 100% of calculated need for all admitted students and is need-blind for U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Wellesley is widely recognized as one of the top 10 colleges in the country for students graduating with the least amount of debt, and, in many cases, with no debt at all.
  • Nearly 60% of our students receive financial aid
  • The average annual scholarship aid award—money that does not need to be repaid—is $56,000
  • We maintain a financial aid budget of $74 million. That is money dedicated exclusively to supporting students who have calculated financial need.


Could Wellesley be less expensive than your state school?  Find out!

To get an early indication of how true this is, use My inTuition, Wellesley's eye-opening Quick College Cost Estimator. This easy tool will provide you with an early estimate of the amount that both Wellesley and your family would contribute toward your first year at Wellesley. It’s not a guarantee; it’s an excellent starting point. You will need to answer just six financial questions; it should take about three minutes. You might be amazed by the results!

“Value” is tangible and intangible.

Our scholarships, funded internships, programs supporting research, study abroad, and innovative projects on campus and in communities around the world have a tangible value. Our libraries, scientific equipment, playing fields, art museum, collaborative relationships with MIT and other fine colleges and universities—you could put a number on that. But it all adds up to something more, as does the active involvement of our alumnae—tens of thousands of extraordinarily accomplished, fiercely loyal women who are living proof of the value of a Wellesley education.

“Wellesley is a place for exploration and limitless growth. I chose Wellesley to give myself the opportunity to explore the breadth of a liberal arts education while sharing that space with equally eager, motivated, and inspiring peers. From the combination of small class sizes, to student organizations for everything your mind can imagine, to the picturesque campus, Wellesley felt like the perfect place for me to explore my curiosity.” Amy ’22, Chemistry & German Studies Majors

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