An Intellectual Destination

This is a community of creative, demanding, inspired scholars who debate and collaborate to enrich human life through their work. One of the world's premier academic and research institutions, the University of Chicago has driven new ways of thinking since our 1890 founding. Today, UChicago is an intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars to our Hyde Park and international campuses, keeping UChicago at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world.

Undergraduate Education

The core curriculum at the University of Chicago is designed to prepare undergraduates with a liberal arts education that promotes independent, critical-thinking skills. UChicago strives to produce graduates who are well-informed members of society and who excel both professionally and socially. This is achieved through a diversified core curriculum—including courses in humanities and social sciences, math, the sciences, foreign language, and the arts—along with specific major courses and electives, and an outstanding quality of student life.

The university offers 50 Majors, 40 minors, and eight pre-professional programs. Our latest academic offerings include a minor in Architectural Studies, a specialization in Business Economics, and a major in Public Policy Studies. The undergraduate application process is the same for all students regardless of intended major. Students are not required to make a final decision about their major until the third year of study. Full-time academic advisers are on hand from the moment students set foot on campus until they have completed their degree.

Research Opportunities

The University of Chicago is proud of its major medical center and two Department of Energy research facilities, each of which provides research opportunities for undergraduates and options to become assistants to members of its undergraduate faculty. The highly respected University of Chicago Medical Center as well as the Argonne National Laboratory and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory—cutting-edge research facilities—receive millions of dollars of federal research funding each year and provide advanced scientific research opportunities for undergrads. UChicago faculty also conduct research in the humanities and social sciences, giving students opportunities to participate in ground-breaking discovery and analysis in economics, sociology, psychology, history, and many other areas. 

Student Life

The University of Chicago's well-rounded liberal arts education extends outside the classroom with the availability of outdoor films, live theater, Mardi Gras, winter festivals, and other unique events that help to make student life fun and educational. Students have a wide variety of entertainment options, both on campus and off. And, with the university's proximity to the famous Hyde Park, student life is closely involved with the Hyde Park community, which is known for its progressive businesses and vibrant art facilities. Moreover, downtown Chicago and all of its resources are only seven miles north of the campus. By using the area's excellent transportation systems, students have everything from parks, zoos, and gardens to professional sports at their fingertips.

The University of Chicago offers more than 400 student organizations, many social and class events, as well as community service and volunteering opportunities. Including the influential student government, student organizations may focus on sports, culture, politics, science, literature, academia, or a number of other themes. Sororities and fraternities are also part of student life at the University of Chicago, though their members make up a small percentage of the population.

UChicago’s philosophy is to offer athletic options for students at all level of interest and ability, offering intramural, club, and varsity athletics options. Our NCAA Division III varsity athletics programming includes competitive teams for men and women in soccer, cross-country, basketball, track, swimming, wrestling, baseball/softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, and football. Non-varsity clubs provide intercollegiate competition in other sports, including badminton, ice hockey, fencing, martial arts, and other options; campus-based intramural sports are open to any interested student, and create fun and friendly inter-house rivalries both in traditional sports like soccer and more offbeat options like inner tube water polo and Broomball.


The College Admissions Office in Rosenwald Hall offers information sessions and campus walking tours year-round. The University of Chicago’s official prospective student tours and information sessions are offered free of charge and are open to all grades and ages. Walk-ins are welcome, but advance online registration is encouraged. Additionally, school groups, extracurricular groups, and community organizations are welcome to register separately as a group tours. Please visit our Tours & Information Sessions page for more information about registering for a tour and information session as an individual, family, or group.  


First-Year Application Deadlines

Early Action

  • Application Due Date:  November 1
  • Admission Decision by:  Mid-December
  • Student-Reply Due Date:  May 1

Early Decision I

  • Application Due Date: November 1
  • Admission Decision by: Mid-December
  • Student-Reply Due Date: January 15

Early Decision II

  • Application Due Date: January 2
  • Admission Decision by: Mid-February
  • Student-Reply Due Date: March 15

Regular Decision

  • Application Due Date:  January 2
  • Admission Decision by:  Late March
  • Student-Reply Due Date:  May 1

Applicants may apply for entrance in the autumn quarter only; students are not admitted in other quarters.

Our Early Action and Regular Decision programs are open and non-binding; students admitted under these plans have until May 1 to reply to their offer of admission. Our Early Decision-I and Early Decision-II programs are binding; if admitted, students applying under these decision plans agree attend the University of Chicago and to withdraw any outstanding applications to other colleges.

Please visit our Transfer Applicants and International Transfer Applicants pages for deadlines and required materials for transfer applicants.

Required Application Materials

  • Coalition Application for Admission
  • High School Transcript
  • Secondary School Report
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • Midyear Report
  • Submitted Application Fee (if applying for need-based financial aid, there is no application fee)

Non-Required Materials

  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Financial Aid Application
  • Optional Video Profile
  • Supplemental Materials


Financial Aid

The University of Chicago is deeply committed to ensuring that students from every background, regardless of financial need, can find a home here. Our No Barriers program eliminates obstacles when applying, ensures students can leave college without the burden of student debt, and offers robust, personalized support that gives every UChicago student, regardless of background, opportunities to discover their passions and leverage their world-class education. Beginning with the Class of 2023, the UChicago Empower Initiative will increase access to UChicago by expanding access for first-generation and rural students, enhancing financial support for those who serve our communities, and enabling student agency and ownership in the college admissions process. We will work with your family to create a financial aid package that fits your unique circumstances and ensures that a UChicago education is within your reach. Features of the No Barriers program and the UChicago Empower Initiative:

  • No Application Fee
  • New test-optional policy that allows students to decide what information best represents their skills and college readiness
  • No Loans
  • Funded Opportunities (like research positions, internships, study abroad, and career exploration treks)
  • New scholarships, support, and programming for underserved students and families
  • Recognition for those who serve our country and our communities with new full-tuition scholarships for children of police officers and firefighters nationwide and a new partnerships with the Posse Foundation's Veterans Program
  • Lifelong Career Support

For more information, please visit our No Barriers and UChicago Empower pages.

Use the University of Chicago's Net Price Calculator to help your family plan for the costs associated with attending The College at the University of Chicago. By entering your financial information in to the calculator, you will be able to determine the estimated cost to your family.

Estimates are based on 2015-16 cost of attendance figures and awarding rules. Award estimates do not apply to international students. International students: please see the International Financial Aid page. 

Additional Information

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