Drexel University is a comprehensive experiential global research institution that has maintained a reputation for academic excellence since its founding in 1891. Students at Drexel are at the cutting edge of their fields, as the University's unique design combines academic rigor with real-world experience, positioning students and faculty on the frontlines of innovation alongside experts tackling today's most complex issues.


With more than 80 undergraduate majors and as many minors, the University offers expertise in a wide variety of areas and interests, along with a multidisciplinary approach that promotes collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Drexel's academic majors include fields such as business, computing and informatics, culinary arts and science, economics, education, engineering, entrepreneurship, exploratory studies, health professions, hospitality, humanities and social sciences, media arts and design, nursing, public health, sciences, custom-designed options, and undeclared.

Cooperative Education

Drexel's renowned cooperative education program, also known as co-op, provides professional employment experiences for students with Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, government agencies, and more. Co-op gives students the opportunity to test-drive a career before they enter the workforce, and the benefits are obvious — during their time at Drexel, students can experience up to three different co-ops, allowing them to gain up to 18 months of experience in their field while building an impressive and accomplished résumé. Co-op allows students to learn firsthand from industry leaders and bring this knowledge and enhanced perspective back to the classroom, enabling them to serve as a valuable resource for their fellow students and faculty. Not only that, they can earn a salary while doing so: The majority of co-ops are full-time and paid, and those that are carry a median six-month salary of over $19,000.

Research Opportunities

The University prides itself on a commitment to use-inspired research driven by faculty from all disciplines, and students are encouraged to seek opportunities to partner with world-renowned faculty or develop independent research projects. The STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars program invites qualified students to participate in faculty-mentored research projects in their chosen fields as early as their first year. The benefits of engaging with research at the undergraduate level include close collaboration with faculty, exposure to emerging issues in your field of study, and an early start in building your résumé and professional network.


Campus and Community

Drexel's vibrant campus is located in the heart of Philadelphia, the nation's sixth-largest city and its first and only World Heritage City. With over 310 student organizations, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved with other Dragons. Students are encouraged to take part in performing arts groups in dance, theater, and music, and become civically engaged through direct service and community leadership roles through the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement. Additionally, more than 470 student-athletes compete in Drexel's 18 Division I varsity athletic programs, and roughly 7,000 students, faculty, and staff participate in Drexel recreation programs.

Drexel brings global experiences to students through its academic programs, study and cooperative education abroad, major research projects, global classrooms, conferences, and cultural events. Drexel has offered over 150 unique study abroad experiences and co-op opportunities in 36 countries in recent years. Drexel's graduates are not only prepared to address the challenges of the future but are also making a difference with a focus on changing the world to be a better place.


Visit the Undergraduate Admissions website to learn more about Drexel and our application process.

Application Deadlines

Winter 2022 Deadlines

  • Winter Entry Program (January 2022) – October 1

Fall 2022 Deadlines

  • Early Decision – November 1

If Drexel is your first-choice school, we want to know! You have the option to apply Early Decision and receive your admission decision by mid-December. If you are offered admission, you must attend Drexel University and withdraw any applications submitted to other schools.

  • Early Action – November 1

 You will receive an admission decision in mid-December for Early Action, but it is not a binding decision. If admitted, you will have until May 1 to make your final choice.

  • Regular Decision – January 15

If you choose to apply Regular Decision, you will receive a decision from Drexel by April 1. If admitted, you have until May 1 to confirm your enrollment

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to domestic and international students. To ensure you are considered for all forms of financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile. Learn more about financing an education at Drexel.

Financial Aid Deadlines

CSS Profile

  • CSS Profile for Winter Entry Program (January 2022) – October 8
  • CSS Profile for Early Decision/Early Action – November 15
  • CSS Profile for Regular Decision – February 15


  • FAFSA Priority for Winter Entry Program (January 2022)–October 8
  • FAFSA Priority For Early Decision/Early Action and Regular Decision – February 15

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