Bryn Mawr, a selective college for women with 1,350 undergraduates, is renowned for its academic excellence, diverse and close-knit community, and engagement with the world.

On an historic campus just outside of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr students find challenging courses and research; strong bonds with faculty, students, and alumnae/i; innovative programs that connect study with action; and top-tier partnerships that expand options.

Critical, creative, and collaborative, Bryn Mawr alumnae/i are agents of change in every arena—and forever members of a community founded on respect for individuals.


The Bryn Mawr experience is marked by enduring traditions and fresh possibilities that balance academic seriousness with fun. Each year, we come together to celebrate distinctive traditions such as Lantern Night and May Day that make being a student here unique and memorable. Bryn Mawr’s reach extends far beyond our classrooms and our campus. Our location offers students access to the cultural resources of a major metropolitan area and the broad diversity of Bryn Mawr students, faculty, and alumnae/i creates a global community that fosters international experiences, friendships and networks. Engaging in scholarship, research, internships, and work around the world is the norm here and a source of both joy and pride.


As it always has, Bryn Mawr builds both independence of mind and respect for the power of collective endeavor. Our honor code stresses mutual respect and academic integrity, and student government is exceptionally strong. These campus customs offer students firsthand experience of collaboration, responsibility, and leadership. Learning beyond the traditional classroom helps students develop strategies for teamwork and big-picture thinking.  We are known for our outstanding record in placing students in graduate and professional schools, as well as our efforts to connect graduates to other promising career opportunities through LILAC, our Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center. Some 22,000 alumnae/i, leaders in fields too numerous to mention, form a powerful lifelong network for our graduates.

Bryn Mawr connects women — to ideas, to opportunities, to one another, and to the world.


Early Decision I
: Novermber 15th
Early Decision II: January 1st
Regular Decision: January 15th
Transfer Applicants: March 1st


Below are the requirements for first-year undergraduate applicants. Additional information can be found on our website.

    • Coalition or Common Application
    • Bryn Mawr Writing Supplement
    • School report and transcripts
    • Two teacher evaluations
    • Mid-year report: We realize that schools are on different schedules and that the mid-year report may not be available until the January 15th deadline. Do not worry! As long as the rest of the application is complete we will be able to review your file. We do require your mid-year report in order to issue a final decision.
    • Standardized Test Results (Test optional policy)
    • Final report


Bryn Mawr College believes that private education is an investment, and that the student and family have the primary responsibility for financing the cost. Financial aid is intended to supplement the resources of the family where needed to meet the expenses of a Bryn Mawr education and is administered on the basis of College policy and demonstrated eligibility. Information and instructions about the deadlines and forms required to apply for aid from the College are available under the  Apply for Aid section of our website.